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Conference Program

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The Active Integrated Matter conference series is an opportunity for CSIRO researchers to come together with industry and academia to discuss recent applied scientific advances addressing the challenges of a dramatically changing world.

AIM18 will share research at the interfaces of sciences and technology and identify growing opportunities for Australia. AIM18 focuses on the disciplines of chemistry and materials, sensing and nanotechnology, physical processing and chemical engineering, informatics and data science, robotics and autonomous systems. CSIRO welcomes attendance at the AIM18 open day to academia, industry and the general public. 

Registration for AIM18 is now closed. Add your name to our subscription list so you dont miss out on AIM19 next year.

Program at a Glance

The line up for AIM18 is shaping up quickly and its a changing feast but a good one. Click on the link below for speaker biographies and details on their presentations.

Day One - CSIRO Only

20th of February

Day Two - CSIRO Only

21st February 2018

Day Three - Open to All

22nd February 2018

Conference Chair

Dr Danielle Kennedy

Director, Active Integrated Matter Future Science Platform

AIM one year in

Plenary Speaker

Alan Irwin

Copenhagen Business School

Transformative innovation in agribusiness - a multi-stakeholder perspective

Plenary Speaker

April Carroll (nee Agee)


Harvesting Insights: A Perfect Recipe for Agriculture Using Big Data and the Internet of Things in Indoor Vertical Farms


Plenary Speaker

Laura Na Liu

Max Plank Institute for Intelligent Materials

Smart plasmonic nanostructures for answering catalytic chemistry questions in local  environments

Plenary Speaker

Catherine Caruana-McManus

Meshed IoT

Smart Cities, the IoT Alliance and Meshed

Plenary Speaker

Martin Duursma

Main Sequence Ventures

Deep Tech, the next investment opportunity

Panel Discussion

Larry Quick, Catherine Caruana-McMaus and Alan Irwin discuss with CSIRO's own George Feast

Can ethics, policy and legislation keep apace of technology?


Plenary Speaker

Headshot of Travis Reddy

Travis Reddy


Fostering a fast-fail culture in an SME driving innovation.

Gala Dinner Speaker

Lisa Winter

Robot Wars and Mattel

When Robots Are Everywhere

Keynote Speaker

Larry Quick

Resilient Futures

Micro-Manufacturing: The Makings of a Boom

Plenary Speaker

Photograph of Bill Bartee

Bill Bartee

Main Sequence Ventures

The dirty "F" word in CSIRO... Founder

Gala Dinner MC

The unstoppable Chris Krishna-Pillay supported by the roving reporter George Feast.

Plenary Speaker

photograph of Jason Potts

Dr Jason Potts


The new blockchain economy