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The first Active Integrated Matter conference AIM17 was held from the 21st -23rd of February 2017, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne Australia.

The 1st Active Integrated Matter Conference, AIM17, launched from a premise…”Imagine a world where disaster rescue robots can autonomously change their body size and shape to adapt to different terrains; where the manufactured chemicals previously distributed from centralised plants can be made as required and to precise chemical formulation (in accordance with real-time data collected by drones) in mobile manufacturing plants at point of use; or where previously wasted or lost food has re-entered the value chain as exciting, novel and in-demand food products…”

In February 2017 at AIM17 we shared the potential of these scientific breakthroughs. Scientists from across CSIRO pitched their concept to the mixed audience of internal CSIRO staff and Australian community. The AIM Future Science Platform is undertaking the research that will see these futures become a reality, so we took the time and explained how industry could benefit and sought your input and feedback.

Moving forwards the AIM FSP, is now funded and future conferences will start to share the outcomes of the research; bringing together materials, sensing, physical processing, informatics, robotics, and autonomous systems, will identify new science opportunities at the interfaces and address the challenges of a dramatically changing world as we head towards 2030.

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