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Coral Reef Monitoring & Response

Keynote at AIM18, presented by Brano Kusy

Date & Time: Wednesday 21 February 2018, 16:00

Location: Olympic Room


Presenting Author

Photo ofBrano Kusy

Brano Kusy

Test Bed Leader

Dr. Brano Kusy got his Masters degree in Computer Science at Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia and his PhD degree in Computer Science at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA. His PhD topic was distributed wireless sensor systems and he worked on deployments of the technology in acoustic sniper localization system, low-power wireless localization and tracking technology, and system services for distributed wireless networks. His main research focus was on time and space coordination in low-power distributed systems.

Dr. Kusy worked as a postdoc with Prof. Leo Guibas in the Computer Science department at Stanford University between 2007 and 2009. His research was on low-latency delivery of sensor data to mobile users, discovery and utilization of mobility patterns in urban environments, and information discovery and brokerage in WSNs, with a specific focus on camera sensor networks.

He moved to Autonomous Systems Lab in Brisbane, Australia in 2009 where he currently works as a research scientist, research team leader, and testbed leader in AIM FSP. His research interests include systems topics in distributed systems, such as reliable wireless communication, delay tolerance in sparsely connected networks, and coordination of time and space of individual sensor nodes. He has applied wireless sensing technology in several domains, including efficient behavior- and energy-aware sensing of airborne animals (National Flying Fox Monitoring program); high-granularity sensing of occupancy, activity, and user comfort in commercial buildings (Advanced HVAC Control project); and spatio-temporal analysis of environmental and soil parameters in mined areas (ACARP Mine-Rehabilitation project).